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Dr. Mark and Jadrian met at church in 2008. This is the same year Jadrian became a chiropractic patient and had her health radically changed! Jadrian was suffering from migraines, knee pain, allergies, severe acne, and her father had passed away from cancer the year before. Jadrian started care with the hope of avoiding surgery because of her knee pain and had no idea there was so much more freedom and hope in chiropractic care. Within a few months, Jadrian's knee pain was gone and she was migraine free. Today, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and faithful chiropractic care, she has no allergies, clear skin, and hope knowing that her family history is not her destiny!

Jadrian is so excited to partner with Dr. Mark in the office as the office manager, but most excited to partner with him in life! Dr. Mark and Jadrian are were married on September 27, 2014. Jadrian has a diverse background as a social worker, licensed counselor, and promoter of all things healthy! She is so excited to serve the patients of Legacy Chiropractic and help them have hope for their future mind, body, and spirit!




Transformed families leading in health reformation.



Spreading the message: You are a self-healing and self-regulating organism and this happens best under the proper conditions and with a freely functioning nervous system.


You cannot separate spirit from mind from body. They are intimately woven together and are inseparable domains of our current existence. A lack of health in one domain consequently means a lack of health in the other two.

You were created with a purpose and designed to experience the feeling of significance on a regular basis. Your drive is alive when you are moving toward that purpose.

People are inherently healthy and the natural state of their body is to express health. We do not get sick from bad genes, bad germs or bad luck. We get sick from bad accidents, bad habits and bad choices.

The health and function we all experience lies on a continuum. Its adjacent states are not perceptively different, but its extremes are quite distinct: those being optimal health and death. You are never stagnant on this continuum. You are either moving towards optimal health or you are moving towards death.

You are a self-healing and self-regulating organism and this happens with an intact nervous system.

The nervous system is supreme in that it controls and/or coordinates and/or maintains the functions of every cell, tissue and organ in the body. It monitors our health and provides for our healing.

The nervous system is the only system that gives detail and volume to life. It provides for our senses and allows for consciousness of internal and external conditions. It is the conduit in which we perceive and express vitality. In other words, our perception of life and our perception of existence lie in our nervous system. It gives us awareness, motion and thought.

Any substance, procedure or condition that impedes or alters proper nerve conduction, disrupts natural life and the perception and attainment of purpose. To artificially deaden or suppress the nervous system deadens and manipulates life.

The impedance of nerve conduction throughout the body is termed subluxation. Subluxation is a condition of structural and/or functional and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and influence organ system function and general health.

Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare that maximizes your body’s innate/inborn ability to heal. Chiropractic enables you to reach and expand your capacity to function in all domains of life.

The spine is an organ that serves to communicate with and protect that nervous system and therefore it is vital and inseparable in its connection to health. It is a prime structure and therefore the main focus within chiropractic. Without a healthy spine it is impossible to have a healthy nervous system. Without a healthy nervous system it is impossible to have an optimal existence.

Educated choice, life in obedience to the laws of health and a healthy spine and nervous system are the foundations to the quality and quantity of life you experience in the flesh.



At Legacy Chiropractic, Dr. Crowell uses the most specific, scientific, chiropractic technique, the Torque Release Technique. This technique provides patients of any age with the most gentle and reproducible chiropractic adjustments available. It is a mixture of the best-of-the-best systems of chiropractic assessment and care for the 21st century. In conjunction, Dr. Crowell is proficient in the Gonstead System which includes careful analysis and specific manual adjustments.